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DMetaSoul Technology Co., LTD

DMetaSoul focuses on a one-stop lakehouse intelligence platform with new infrastructure. The research projects include a cloud-native lake warehouse integration framework, distributed analysis engine and algorithm framework, high-performance data and model online services, and cloud-native one-stop AI development and production platform. DMetaSoul strives to build a data-driven and standardized pipeline to promote the development of the national digital economy. DMetaSoul is committed to helping enterprises unlock business value, serving new infrastructure, and enabling more industry and technology practitioners to enjoy the benefits of big data AI.

Our vision

" We firmly believe that technology can change society, adhere to the technology-driven atmosphere and culture, and advocate technology feelings. Our goal is to build a Chinese version of AI-powered Databricks, serving a new infrastructure and enabling developers and enterprises to reap the benefits of cutting-edge data intelligence."

——DMetaSoul Technology Co., LTD



The only domestic framework LakeSoul open source


One-stop machine learning platform MetaSpore open source


AI development and production platform AlphalDE opens private beta


The only domestic open-source LakeSoul 2.0 released


Jointly hold the Data Lake Flow Batch Integrated Performance Optimization Challenge with CCF.


In cooperation with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications laboratory, Prof.Wang Pengfei joined the MetaSpore open-source community.


It is recommended to log in to Shopify, the largest independent site construction platform.


Won the Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise certification


Intel "Innovation Master Cup" global Al Geek Challenge preliminary, rematch double top: Personalized recommendation SaaS service is coming to the major public cloud


It was awarded the Top 10 most potential start-up of the Heart of the Machine.

Core team

Founder and CEO-Dr. Yadong Zhu

Founder and CEO-Dr. Yadong Zhu

Dr. Zhu graduated from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was one of the founders of People's Search technology. Now he is the executive member of the CCF Big Data Committee. He used to work for Alibaba and has won the group Outstanding Algorithm and CEO Special Contribution award; In 2016, the personalized recommendation work of e-commerce based on reinforcement learning was selected as one of the top 10 technological innovations of MIT Technology in the world. and joined Mobvista as the Group Vice President later.

Chief Scientist - Dr. Kai, Sun

Chief Scientist - Dr. Kai, Sun

Ph.D. in Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Sun has worked in IBM, Youku, and Alibaba Group and has many years of development and optimization experience in machine learning, recommendation system, time series prediction, and other directions. Once served as a senior algorithm expert in Alibaba Group and successfully led the team in the departments of Flying Pig and Lazada, with rich experience in algorithm implementation empowerment.

Chief Big Data Adviser - Dr. Xueqi, Cheng

Chief Big Data Adviser - Dr. Xueqi, Cheng

Professor, Deputy Director of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Leading talent of "Ten Thousand Talents Plan" of Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. Dr. Cheng is the secretary-general of the CCF Big Data Committee, deputy director of the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Committee of China Industrial and Applied Mathematics Society. He has published more than 200 papers in important international academic journals and conferences in this field, and obtained more than 60 authorized patents.


Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise certification

Top 10 most promising start-up enterprises

A New Infrastructure for One-stop Lakehouse Intelligent